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Travel bloggers email list




  • 150 blogs
  • Contact details: website URL, name & email address
  • DA (domain authority) span: 9-60
  • Average DA: 39.7
  • Country: international

Travel bloggers are one of the most notorious within the blogging industry. Traveling the world and posting about exotic places where most people only dream of getting, they have a wide following and directly influence the tourism industry.

This list is was manually created by old-fashioned research and contains 150 travel blogs complete with their contact details and DA. It can be a great time-saving resource for anyone looking to create outreach campaigns related to the traveling niche.

If you represent a business such as a hotel, travel agency or e-commerce store that sell travel-related products, then you can take advantage of this contact list for blogger outreach campaigns such as:

  • guest posting
  • social media shoutouts
  • influencer marketing
  • product reviews

One of the most important aspects that travel blogs influence is the pre-trip preparation. People want first-hand opinions of what to bring with them, where to go, what restaurants to eat at, what landmarks to visit, how to interact with the local people and culture etc. Consider this aspect before pressing that ‘send’ button. Read more on how blogging influences the travel industry in this study from the Tilburg University.

A good strategy that can positively influence the success of your emailing campaign is to offer your product or service for free. For example, if you’re promoting a hotel, then invite the bloggers to come over for a few days for free. Or if you’re promoting a new hiking backpack, send them one of your backpacksĀ for free and ask them for a product review on their blogs.

But regardless of the type of your campaign, one thing is for sure. If you want to maximize your chances of success (email opens and positive replies) then you need to make sure that you send personalized messages. It might require a bit more effort from your side, but this can make or break the success of your campaign. Hint: besides including their name and website in the email, try relating to one of their posts by mentioningĀ a similar travel experience that you had.