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Tech bloggers email list




  • 150 blogs
  • Contact details: website URL, name & email address
  • DA (domain authority) span: 1-99
  • Average DA: 63.82
  • Country: international

This product is an instantly downloadable list of tech bloggers made especially for marketing outreach campaigns. All the information in the list is publically available and was collected by manual research. We have compiled this for you so that you can save time and focus on the actual outreach messages.

If you want to see the ROI of this list just factor in your hourly rate and multiply by about 15-20h which is roughly how much time it would take you to compile a similar list. You’ll see that this price is a no-brainer.

Tech bloggers are notorious for their influence over the industry and are highly sought after by companies that want to make a name for themselves. So this list will come in very handy to anyone that plans to do a marketing campaign targeting them. It just a matter of downloading the list, setting up your contact software/procedure and you’re ready to go.

However, regardless if you’re taking the automated or manual approach make sure to personalize your messages in order to improve your chances for success. Sending the same email to everyone on the list will negatively impact your open, click and reply rates. Ideally, before sending it out, you’d personalize the email title, respondent’s name and at least parts of the text that make reference to the tech blog that you’re writing to.

Another way to make sure you see good results from this email outreach list is to offer something in return for the bloggers’ service. For example, if you have a product that you want to promote, you can offer to give one for free in return for a review or mention in one of their articles. Another thing that works is exclusivity. Can you offer them a story that no one else has written before? If so, this list can provide several publishing opportunities.