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Small business (SMBs) bloggers email list




  • 50 blogs
  • Contact details: website URL, name & email address
  • DA (domain authority) span: 18-82
  • Average DA: 43.99
  • Country: international

This product grants you instant access to an email list of 50 small business blogs together with their contact details. Each entry features the blog owners name and email address as well as the domain authority (DA). Immediately after purchase, you’ll be able to download the list and use it for your marketing outreach campaign.

Please note that the list was not built using a scraper software, but buy old-school manual research. Human validation ensures the highest quality possible. Since humans are also prone to mistake, if you do happen to spot any, let us know and we will send you updated data asap.

The main subject of the blogs on this list is small business marketing and development. Common topic include: how to succeed at digital marketing, how to hire the best people, how to properly track expenses, SMB trends, business growth, management etc.

When contacting them, we suggest implementing a personalized approach. If possible, get to know the blogs first before reaching out. Read some of their articles, maybe even post some comments which you can later reference. Then make sure to include some specific remarks about their websites in your outreach email body. This is the way to make sure you get the most out of your campaign!