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Fashion bloggers email list




  • 150 blogs
  • Contact details: website URL, name & email address
  • DA (domain authority) span: 17-77
  • Average DA: 42.52
  • Country: international

This is a list of some of the most influential fashion blogs on the internet. It’s perfect for any type of marketing outreach since it contains information such as bloggers name, URL, domain authority, contact email address and Instagram handle! The overwhelming majority of the bloggers in this email are women, but there’s also a rouge man’s blog here an there.

All of them are established blogs with large followings on social media. This can be seen in the average domain authority, which is 42! Furthermore, unlike other lists on this website, this one also contains the Instagram handle of each blogger, which might be useful if you’re after brand awareness and social media traffic.

When doing the outreach on this list consider implementing personalized and out-of-the-box messages in order to attract their attention. Since they’re quite popular you can imagine they get all sorts of requests on a daily basis. So you should stand out if you want to maximize your chances of success.

A good approach is to send them gifts, especially if you want to promote physical products such as clothing or jewelry. This is a good way to get product reviews, mentions, and recommendations. If you’re trying to secure a guest post, on the other hand, document yourself on each blog before making the pitch in order to be sure that the subject fits perfectly with their audience.