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Beauty bloggers email list




  • 50 blogs
  • Contact details: website URL, name & email address
  • DA (domain authority) span: 12-59
  • Average DA: 39.04
  • Country: international

This is an all-female bloggers list. All the contacts in this list are influencers in the beauty niche and their blogs attract a large audience both on their website and on their social media channels. This is a great resource for anyone planning to start a marketing outreach campaign geared towards the beauty industry influencers.

After purchase, you get access to the list via a download link. The file will contain all the necessary information for your outreach campaign: website URL address, blogger’s name, domain authority (DA) and contact email address. All this information was manually gathered using old-school research. All the data is public. You could do the same if you’re willing to invest 4 hours of your time (the average duration of building a 50 contact list).

These blogs deal with subjects related to make-up, skin care products, hairstyle, nail style etc. Since they’re influencers, they get a lot of business proposals each day. So if you want to get noticed, make sure that your outreach campaign is personalized. Before sending the email, take some time to read their blog and include some thoughtful comments in the mail body.

Another useful tip would be that in case you’re trying to promote a product, offer them that product for free. If they end up liking it they might review it, share it on social media or whatever works best for you. Just remember to be polite in your approach.